About Us

Farm Start was created in 2023 by Ian Reddekopp. Farm Starts primary mission is to increase Vanilla Production in the State of Hawaii with a goal of developing facilities to produce an additional 3 metric tonnes of Hawaiian Vanilla production by 2026.

Ian Reddekopp is a second generation Vanilla farmer and owner of the Hawaiian Vanilla Company Inc, the USA’s original and largest Vanilla Producer brand.

In 2023 Farm Start has aquired and hired the resources and team to build 10,000 sq. ft of Vanilla production facility every 6 weeks.

Farm Start has curated a team of expert designers, builders, horticulturists, and vanilla experts to provide complete Vanilla Farm Development to clients and donors on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Farm Founders program was created to assist in funding Vanilla expansion through PML Loans with attractive interest rates for lenders.